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Re-evaluating Vergence as a Distance Cue

Talk, European Conference on Visual Perception (August 2018)

Do We See Scale?

Argues that the visual system may not extract absolute distance information, so we should be open to the idea of vision without scale.

Guest Blogging about my Book

I was invited to guest blog about my book on the [Brains Blog](, the leading forum for the Philosophy of Mind.

How Do We See Distance in VR?

Poster, Frontiers in Virtual Reality, University of Rochester (June 2018)

Are Vergence and Accommodation Effective Cues to Distance?

Talk, Scottish Vision Group (March 2018)

Facebook Reality Labs (formerly Oculus Research)

From September to December 2018 I was a Research Intern in the Display Systems Research team at [Facebook Reality Labs]( led by [Douglas Lanman]( I was a member of the [DeepFocus team](, working on defocus blur simulation for virtual reality.

The Perception and Cognition of Visual Space

This book has four chapters. __1. Chapter One__ outlines the distinction between perception and cognition. __2. Chapter Two__ applies this distinction to depth cue integration. __3. Chapter Three__ applies this distinction to (a) depth constancy and (b) pictorial cues. __4. Chapter Four__ applies this distinction to (a) visual scale and (b) defocus blur.

An example journal article

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